Adam and I enjoy travelling but we have different ideas of what that might look like.

  • I’m someone who likes variety and regular changes in scenery.
  • Adam likes to stay in one place for a really long time and really get to know the environment.
  • I love the warm/hot climates (not being a beach bum but definitely being warm)
  • Adam loves snow and ice and freezing his ass off
  • I quite like a little bit of the hustle and bustle at times and I can be a bit of a tourist
  • Adam is like a lost boy in cities and does much better in a forest!
  • I’m an adrenaline junkie who loves fast rides, bungee jumps, hot air balloon rides and anything that gets my heart racing
  • Adam would happily sit for a week and make cordage out of stinging nettles…

However, we both love;

Canoeing and kayakingHiking and getting to the top of mountains

The coast (anywhere)


We tend to find something we can both enjoy most of the time and when we cant, we just go our separate ways for a bit like Adam’s trips to Snowy Sweden, or my trips to Spanish Islands, and Disneyland Paris!!!