Looking after Planet A

I’ve never been someone to litter and I’ve always found it frustrating if lights are left on unnecessarily or taps are running etc but I’ve only really started taking things seriously in the last 18months.

Just over a year ago I moved from plastic straws to metal ones and from the standard washing up sponges to a more eco version.

Last Christmas Adam adopted a polar bear for me because I love them and I’d sad for them. More recently I bought the polar bear bracelet from 4ocean to take a pound of plastics out of the ocean (read more about their amazing work here)

I’m ashamed to say that I completed my first ever beach clean this year in September but since then I’ve done another three – one in England, one in France, and a lake clean in Germany.

I found a great online shop called Turtley Eco which just launched a week ago

and is helping me move away from certain products like cotton wool pads and replacing them with reusable alternatives

and a natural charcoal hard soap rather than anything in a bottle.

We’ve replaced cling film with a reusable silicone wrap,

and just yesterday I started on my first ever eco-brick.

The final change is that I’ve sold my car (if I’m honest, the biggest reason was to save money) but actually getting the bus instead of driving is also helping to do my bit.

This section of the blog is to share my steps in the hope it may inspire others to do the same. More so, it’s for you to tell me and others about other steps we can take to look after our planet A!