I’m Jo, I’m 29years old and work as a Civil Servant.

Before meeting Flint I went to University and studied Psychology. Whilst at uni I was part of the cheerleading squad and spent hours upon hours training, performing and socialising with the rest of the team.

Immediately following graduation I spent three months travelling in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji having a great time with my friend Emma doing all the things we had on our list.

I like to think I have always been adventurous, just in a different way to Flint.

These days my hobbies are a little less energetic and I love crochet – yes I said it!!

I enjoy gardening (how old??) and watching girly TV and films when Flint is away. I also have the pleasure of lots of little baby girls coming into my life over the last 12months and enjoy meeting up with them and their mums, as well as other friends and family.

The last few years I have been busy doing up our home, knocking down walls, painting and decorating and buying too many cushions! We’ve recently moved so all that hard work is starting again!!

In between the above I am very well looked after by the lovely Flint who runs my bath most nights when I get home from a long and stressful day at work!

Finally, and importantly, I love spending time with my little dog who is my best girl!