What he wanted to get married in….

Now I consider myself to be quite a patient and understanding wife to the lovely Adam and I think anyone who knows us (or reads this blog) will agree with that!

However, even I have limits.

Early discussions with Adam about his wedding attire were, shall we say ‘difficult’

He’s not exactly into his fashion or clothing and would happily wear the same clothes for days if it wasn’t for my nagging!

I tried to make it clear from the start that this was the one day I’d like him to look smart 🙂 he accepted this but really wanted to wear a buckskin shirt. I wasn’t so keen. Then he talked about wearing buckskin moccasins which I was more comfortable with (because they wouldn’t be in many photos!).

Eventually though Adam came up with a much better compromise….

Adam: ‘I’ve got an idea about how we can get more bushcraft into the wedding’

Jo thinks: ‘oh great, just what every girl wants!’

Jo says: ‘ok?’

Adam: ‘why don’t we have a manikin dressed in all the clothes and items I’ve made?’

Jo thinks: ‘oh I dunno, maybe cos it’s a wedding and that’s weird!!’

Jo says: ‘hmmm yeah maybe…’

Adam: ‘it could meet people at the entrance, you know almost to show what I would have wanted to wear, my alter ego’

Jo thinks: ‘ah, I see, I need to play this cool. If he has a manikin wearing all the weird stuff that should mean I can have him wearing an actual normal person groom outfit. Seems a small price to pay….’

Jo says: ‘yes, that’s perfect. lets do that :), people will love it!’


I have to admit, it was slightly more extravagant that I had in mind and included from memory;

  • buckskin hoody
  • wooden (long?) bow
  • a buckskin quiver full of arrows with actual flint or stone tips
  • a knife Adam made to cut the cake and held in a buckskin sheath
  • sheep skin mitts (or something like that?!)
  • a plaited bark belt
  • a bark quiver kind of container
  • an adze (?)
  • a grass skirt
  • a fox skin hat
  • birch bark goggles
  • moccasins
  • snow shoes
  • a moose ear pouch
  • a bark back pack

There were other bits I know, some kind of container and a thingy for when you shoot an arrow to protect your arm, and probably some other bits that I cant remember 🙂

Anyway, you get the point. He really took that opportunity of an understanding and accommodating wife and ran with it!!







Natural Confetti

We wanted to have as much nature as possible in our wedding and really didn’t fancy metallic shiny confetti or even paper. We wanted it to be real petals and initially I was going to buy petals from the local florist. However, it is unbelievable what they charge!

So… the next plan, collect our own 🙂

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Bushcraft champagne 

For the wedding we were really wanting to add some personal touches and I did loads in terms of individual guest information, photos etc. Adam also thought it would be really nice to make our own elderflower champagne.

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Spooning and why it’s good for your marriage 

Since the 10th June 2014 when Adam popped the question he has known that he has 72 spoons to carve.

You can probably imagine that I’ve mentioned it a few times over the last two years and he has continued to tell me that he’s on top of it!

Last week I casually asked him how he was getting on because there are only six weeks until the wedding. “six weeks??!!!” Was his response! Oh dear!

This left me a bit worried. I knew he had started as I had seen a few clues…

And we’ve had a few evenings where he has been carving until late

After my initial panic I found out that he has eight left to do so he’s doing ok. I just hope he can remember where the hoover and the garden brushes are kept 😉

Surviving the Stag and Hen 

It’s been a busy few days as Adam and I parted ways for the weekend and enjoyed our stag and hen dos. Adam headed off to Lisbon, Portugal and I went to London.

As always us girlies took loads of photos and the boys didn’t so there is little I can share about his trip.

As for mine, it was great! My friend Amy organised it and did an amazing job.

We started with a surprise climb up the O2 in the glorious sunshine and took in the views at the top

After building up an appetite we scoffed sandwiches, quiche and little cakes whilst on a bus tour of London, all washed down with tea because we are that wild!

Nothing much survived as you can imagine 🙂

We headed back to our rooms and some had a little nap to reboot before the evening out. The girls all dressed in black whilst I wore cream and a pretty tiara with veil attached – just in case it wasn’t obvious that I was the bride!

We made cocktails and they made the mistake of leaving us unattended with the bottles of spirits!

Again, not a lot survived!

We had a meal and started making our way around London via the underground. I think this may have been the best part; a busker on his saxophone had us all throwing some shapes and passers by were joining in. I thought we were in a film at one point!

We danced in various bars and clubs until the pain from heels became too much and headed back to our rooms for sleep.

I really enjoyed the day and night and the girls were kind, I drank what I wanted to and had a giggle.

Adam on the other hand text me Sunday morning to say he had never felt worse! The poor sausage had to fly home with a massive hangover and he laid on the sofa all evening feeling sorry for himself while I went for a run. Now who’s the survivor 😉