A ‘Peak’ into Flint’s world…

In February 2013 Flint was working abroad for 2 weeks and I spent EVERY evening lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and watching back to back Grey’s Anatomy.

He was away for our first Valentine’s Day can you believe it?!

Well, I forgave him when he came back and asked if I fancied an attempt at the Yorkshire 3 peaks just 2 days later?? Never liking to refuse a challenge I accepted… no training, no idea what to expect, never walked up a mountain, never walked for longer than 5miles in one hit probably (shameful I know!)

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Like Sunrise and Sunset

Adam and I had our first date on the Wednesday and another planned for a few days later. In the meantime however we both had a very important weekend ahead of us and the contrast between the two makes me laugh….

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