Natural Confetti

We wanted to have as much nature as possible in our wedding and really didn’t fancy metallic shiny confetti or even paper. We wanted it to be real petals and initially I was going to buy petals from the local florist. However, it is unbelievable what they charge!

So… the next plan, collect our own 🙂

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Hungover foraging 

Bushcraft seeps into every part of our life, it’s official! 

Flint just can’t get enough of it and sometimes I think it’s really really great. For example, Flint made a really cool gift for the bride a groom at their beautiful wedding. He carved a spatula and spoon from sweet chestnut wood and pyrographied (if that’s a word?) their names and wedding date. A really thoughtful gift I thought 🙂 

Whilst at the wedding Flint was recruited for wood splitting for the fires and he made sure the party had plenty of fuel. A bus man’s holiday! 

It was a great day and night with lots of laughs and we are feeling pretty tired coming home. However he wasn’t too tired to make a quick bushcraft stop at the side of the road to pick up some long plants which I am reliably informed are rosebay willow herb. Apparently this makes cordage which of course is very exciting…

We are travelling in my car and I can’t say I’m all that impressed by the mess he’s made! 

1st job for him this afternoon needs to be cleaning my car! X

Bushcraft champagne 

For the wedding we were really wanting to add some personal touches and I did loads in terms of individual guest information, photos etc. Flint also thought it would be really nice to make our own elderflower champagne.

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Foraged Hogweed and Prawn Curry

Yes that’s right a weed in the dinner 🙂 I’ve tried it before so I know it’s ok, a bit hairy at times but ok!

We planned to have a curry tonight but didn’t have many greens in so we took Tilly out for a walk in the fields and foraged for something to ‘green it up!’

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Setting up Camp

After just 5 months together we moved into our first home. Flint had recently moved from the Lake District to Bedford and was living out of his van, while I was living over an hour away from anyone I knew due to moving around with work. Timing was right for both of us as my job relocated and Flint got fed up with the white van accommodation.

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