We all know I wear the trousers…

Flint and I love skiing. We hadn’t been for a few years and we were so excited for some time in the Alps. 
Mountains and forests, what more could he want? 

And cheese, chocolate and vin chaud what more could I want?! 

Flint had something exciting planned for this trip, he’d made his own trousers out of buckskin and was planning to trial them on the slopes in advance of his upcoming trip to Sweden. 

He spent hours upon hours making them, scraping the skins, dressing them, softening them etc etc. Then came the patterns, the cutting and the sewing. At least we have kids I know he can make the Halloween and school play costumes! 

Running out of time 

We get married in 85 days, I counted just now. That sounds quite a long way off I think? It’s not though, it really isn’t.

For ages I’ve been wanting to start running again. I’ve never been mega mega fit but when Flint and I first met I would run about 3 times a week and normally for an hour or two at a time. Since then, I’ve done nothing except one run in October 2015 with a good friend of mine. Unfortunately even the thought of that colour run approaching didn’t motivate me to train and resulted in walking most of the route – shame!

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