Adam has been into bushcraft FOREVER and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t out in the woods collecting things, foraging and getting mucky.

He has been actively studying bushcraft since he was around 14 years old and over the last 20 years has developed his knowledge and range of skills.

Adam enjoys making his own clothing, seen below in his hoody, fox fur hat, sheep skin mitts, buckskin trousers, and moccasins.

He also enjoys making snow shoes for his winter trips

Adam loves nothing more than being outdoors by a fire making stuff!

and I reckon he’s spent more nights sleeping outdoors than indoors since we met, including out in Sweden come rain or shine, or snow.

He introduced me to foraging

and we’ve spent a fair bit of time canoeing and kayaking. Most recently Adam built his own wood and canvas canoe which he drove out to Sweden and we tested out on the Swedish lakes, Netherlands canals, German lakes, and French sea!

A bit different to the moose boat he played about with in Norway, 2009!!


There’s so much more to say about Adam but this is a start….