Our story

We met in 2012 and instantly hit it off despite having very different interests.

Early in our relationship I found out that Adam isn’t a ‘normal’ kind of guy! The giveaway to this was the first meal he cooked me.

He tested me over the next few months including a trip to the Lake District when he skinned and butchered a deer for dinner and we jumped in freezing cold water in the mountains.

Six months later we moved in together and I found out a lot more about him, including what he considered to be ornaments.

In 2013, we went skiing (my first time ever) and then spent a week in the Sahara Desert – a first again of course!

Then in 2014, we visited Sweden where we kayaked and wild camped the Stockholm Archipelago and then canoed and camped at the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. We got engaged here with the help of Mikael of Nordic Discovery and this was the beginning of a long friendship.

Fast forward a couple of years and we got married (not your standard wedding) and enjoyed an amazing honeymoon which blended what both of us enjoyed.

Since getting married in 2016, we’ve enjoyed plenty of adventures; mostly canoeing related and Adam tried out his homemade buckskin trousers when we were skiing in the Alps.

Most recently Adam built his own canoe and drove it out to Sweden. I flew out to join him at the end of his trip and we canoed in the same place we got engaged four years earlier.

Now we are embarking on the next chapter of our lives and Adam is soon to head out to Ontario Canada for the winter. Just short of four months apart…..

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