Fruit leathers

I’ve made a few fruit leathers in the last month and they are sooo easy – my kind of cooking!! They are pretty much free to make, take no skill whatsoever (I can do this so trust me!) and are quick as anything.

They are also a good way to make use of seasonal fruits if you’ve had too many crumbles! A tasty healthy snack for anyone and I reckon some of my friends could try this out on their kids!??!

Photo of plum rolls finished

All you have to do is collect a load of fruit. I get damsons, plums and pears from the garden. The most important thing of course to be sure that you identify the fruits first.

Sloes and damsons look very similar. In my experience (and I’m definitely no expert so don’t quote me on this) damsons are a little bigger than sloes and damsons also hang a little lower from the branch.

Once you have your fruits, its time to head to the kitchen

This leather is the simplest thing to make. I’ve used a range of photos from different leathers I’ve made including; Apple and damson, plum, and Apple and cinnamon.

1st step, chop up any apples or pears,

and remove stones from any plums (with damsons, I sieve them out a little later)

Rinse any berries or plums,

Put the fruits in a saucepan with some water and heat slowly on the hob until they are soft

When using damsons, I sieve the soft fruit once its cooled as this allows me to remove any stones. I’m a pretty messy cook as you can see!

I then add either a spoonful of sugar or a spoonful of honey (I don’t add too much of this because it defeats the object of a healthy snack). This is also the time to add any spices such as cinnamon or ginger. Apple and cinnamon is great together 🙂

Next up, pour it all into a blender or smoothie maker and give it a quick buzz to create a smooth mixture

The final step for making this leather is to pour it out onto a baking paper lined tray. It needs to be very thin to allow it to dry; I  don’t measure it, I’d just say its a couple of millimetres maximum.

Then you have a choice; either use a dehydrator if you have one, if not, you can put it on the lowest setting in the oven for between 3-8 hours depending on the fruit, or put it in the airing cupboard (free option) or out in the sun if you’re lucky enough with the weather, but watch out for bugs!

The leather is ready when its no longer sticky to touch. You can then slice it into strips and roll it – using a baking paper backing means they can be unrolled to eat later.

I like to wrap my fruit leather rolls in paper and send Adam off on his adventures with some healthy sweet snacks

Fingers crossed it reduces his chocolate and doughnut consumption 🙂

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