Bushcraft instead of Christmas 

Flint and I have always enjoyed Christmas and really he’s the one that made me love it. He always warms lots of mulled wine, and makes the Christmas cake for me to decorate (here is last year’s) 

We take an annual walk to collect foliage for our homemade wreath. Last year we did this as you can see below; 

We also choose the tree together and spend an evening decorating.  We tend to do the Christmas shopping together. 

This year was a little different….

Flint spent ALL of his time on bushcraft. He warmed mulled wine and lit fires and that’s about it. The rest of his time was spent mostly scraping skins (including on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day). I’m so glad we had our kitchen done so that he could soak eggs in a bucket comfortably… 

I ended up making the wreath and had to buy the loop rather than having a home made willow one.

I think I did alright though? 

I also made and iced the cake 

We spent a lot of time in our cabin with Flint working on various projects and I got on with wrapping ALL the presents that I shopped for ALONE! 

I went and chose the tree and decorated it, then he put his home made snow shoes next to it 

Fortunately for Flint we had some trips booked to see family so he had to leave the skins for a day. We took our dog for a walk/basket ride (in a basket made from bark) because she had a bad leg. 

And he saved the day by secretly making me these sheepskin slippers with a fox fur ruff and reindeer antler buttons… 

Phew… He ‘scraped’ it by the skin of his teeth (no pun intended!) 

Next year it’s Flint’s turn to shop for, prepare, and cook Christmas dinner alone. Who knows what we will end up with. Venison I’d guess from all the skins about the place! 😜

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