Natural Confetti

We wanted to have as much nature as possible in our wedding and really didn’t fancy metallic shiny confetti or even paper. We wanted it to be real petals and initially I was going to buy petals from the local florist. However, it is unbelievable what they charge!

So… the next plan, collect our own 🙂

Luckily, we made this decision about 18 months before the wedding and therefore had plenty of time to collect and dry a decent collection of flowers.

It was great actually, a few from various walks we went on, some from flowers Adam brought me (haha yeah one bunch I think! ), petals from flowers in our parents’ gardens and some collected by friends. It was really good to have confetti that we had collected and dried ourselves.

The petals were arranged at the ‘confetti bar’ in various glasses of different heights with scoops to make a mixture. Each guest got a cone or paper cup and made their own mix of the petals at the bar.

In true wedding tradition we had a confetti shot by the photographer


and then I got carried away and allowed whatever was left to be chucked in my face!


I think the saying is ‘confetti in her hair’ not ‘confetti up her nose’. Oh well it seemed like a good idea at the time!


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