The bushcrafter’s garden 


It’s not something I’m great at but I am interested in getting better and learning.

Our new garden is bigger than the last and with a veg patch and greenhouse I could really grow some stuff 🙂

Before that though I wanted to get some flowers in and something for the birds

Adam on the other hand has other priorities. Let’s play a game of spot the bushcraft…

Here’s our messy, not yet organised greenhouse and in it we have a large deer skin drying in a frame,

Some rabbit skins I think

Some bits of bark – that’s the limit to my knowledge!

And some kind of herb or plant hanging out to dry

These little discoveries led me to look around the garden for other signs of a man addicted to bushcraft.

Such as this huge pile of Flint rocks and homemade seat

And these coils of bark

I also found this little bushcraft addict sitting processing string. I’m not sure what it is and I dare not ask!!
Finally, in a tree by the brook our card box from the wedding turned into a bird house 🙂

He certainly keeps things interesting and I haven’t even looked in the new workshop yet!

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