Men are from Mars 

Our honeymoon was always going to be about compromise as you may recall from ‘the bushcrafter’s honeymoon’.

I love water and heights, always have. My ideas for the two weeks included both of these;

Venice – the city on the water

A hot air balloon flight

Plitvice national park and Krka national park

Natural thermal spa

A water park

Swimming in the sea on Krk island

Adam is a lover of mountains, forests and bushcraft so his plans included;

Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

Visiting Otzi

Hikes up mountains in both Croatia and Italy

Walks in meadows and forests looking at plants and trees!!

Each evening on our honeymoon we would look through any photos we had captured that day and it became really apparent from the pictures who was enjoying which activities!

Adam with his arms folded and looking distracted on a water ride compared to me absolutely loving it!

Me sunbathing and loving the sunny weather and water at the thermal spa. Flint in the distance napping in the shade!

Me enjoying some gelato in the sun, Adam desperate to climb something!

Adam splitting wood and me drinking wine watching our food cook!

Adam legging it down hill like a mountain goat and me very ungracefully slipping and tripping over each rock and being described by my loving husband as a constipated penguin due to the way I walk!

Like I’ve said before, it’s all about compromise 🙂 x

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