A honeymoon with Otzi the ice man 

On our recent honeymoon we enjoyed lots of activities, some my choice, some his and some both of ours.

One of Adam’s choices was to visit the Bolzano Museum of Archaeology and observe Otzi the ice man whose body was found preserved in the Italian Dolomites back in 1991. It may sound like an odd thing to do on a honeymoon and you can be forgiven for thinking I wouldnt want to go.

What you didn’t know is that our relationship has an odd link with Otzi from back in 2012 when Adam first visited me in my flat. It was the night of the pigeon and we were still getting to know each other.

By this point I definitely knew he was different and had unusual interests as well as loving the outdoors. I hadn’t really spent a lot of time in the mountains, Adam however coming from the Lake District lived and breathed them! Would we have enough in common?

It’s funny how lives can correlate. I had this weird morbid fascination with crime and also with mountain disasters. I’ve always read criminal non fiction and enjoy reading about murders (odd I know). In addition I have always read things like ‘into thin air’, ‘touching the void’ and ‘miracle in the Andes’ – anything non-fiction about death/danger. My mum knowing this about me had found a slightly odd book at a car boot a few years before called ‘the man in the ice’ and had given me it to read, which I had.

On this April evening there it was sat on a bookshelf in my flat amongst my other book loves, many by Jodi Piccoult. Adam was scanning the titles with a look of disappointment and boredom at what a wet flannel this girl was. Then suddenly his eyes lit up like a small child’s at Xmas or Tilly’s when she hears the fridge open.

‘Oh my god, out of all the books in the world you could have on your bookshelf I cannot believe you have this!’ He said grasping the tatty old thing with wide open eyes and a massive grin!

I think that might have been our forever moment or was it a few months later when he had me sifting wood ash for animal skins after camping in the rainy Lake District?!

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