I’ll cook you a nice meal.. 

Back in April 2012 when Adam first came to my little flat for the evening we had only been on three dates. He told me he was coming over to cook me dinner. What a gent I thought expecting steak or bolognese or something normal!
Well, this was my first glimpse of the real Adam. He arrived with a bottle of red wine – so far so good. Until I looked at the shopping bag in his hands and saw a tuft of feathers – uh oh!

He excitedly tells me we are having wood pigeon for dinner and we will prepare it together….. There are three so the plan is for him to show me how to do it with a knife on one, the second he will prepare without any tools.  This is when I realised I was a lucky girl because I could ‘have a go’ with the third!

Adam proceeded to gut the pigeons by both methods. He then looked at me expectantly to see if I was up to the job. Now if I’m honest I think I only did it because I was still in those early stages of wanting to impress him and not to seem like too much of a girl!

It wasn’t pretty but I wont go into detail here – he seemed impressed though so it was worth it!

We ate the pigeon stir fry and it was tasty. Nevertheless I made it very clear that I was cooking next time. Four years later and he does most of the cooking but I do most of the shopping. It works well because there is no pigeon on the menu 🙂

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