Bushcraft champagne 

For the wedding we were really wanting to add some personal touches and I did loads in terms of individual guest information, photos etc. Adam also thought it would be really nice to make our own elderflower champagne.

I liked this idea a lot and we made it a few years ago – it’s lovely 🙂 it was however a bit risky because we wouldn’t know if it had worked until about a week before. I kept asking Flint week after week ‘are you ready to start the champagne?’ ‘It’s not time yet’ he would always reply. I’m used to him putting things off until the last minute but I suppose this time it was up to Mother Nature.

About three weeks before the wedding we went out for a stroll and picked some elderflower.

We took Tilly with us of course 🙂

Apparently the flowers should be open as much as possible. When we got home we dissolved sugar in hot water and then let it cool. We then added the flowers and some lemons along with white wine vinegar.

This was left for four days until it started to fizz. At this point we strained it into lemonade bottles.

It became fizzier and fizzier like real champagne and continued to get more bubbly by the day.


The wedding toasts arrived and it was time to see if it worked. We didn’t bring any home so it seemed to go down well  and saved us about £300 – boom! 🙂 X

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