I just want to live in a cave 

Adam always talks about how he wishes he was born years ago when life was simple and days were filled with hunting or finding food, cooking food, collecting water, finding and making shelter etc. When entertainment consisted of spending time with people and maybe making the odd craft out of stuff lying around.

Our lives are stupid at the minute and we are both feeling the pressure. We get married in less than three weeks and we still havent completed our house move.

In Feb when I told my mum we were going to move she warned me not to because we had our wedding in four months. I honestly didn’t see an issue with this. The wedding was on track with just small bits and bobs to sort and the house move should only take 12 weeks – loads of time.

Well we lost our first buyer back in April (the day we were due to exchange and four days before we were due to move). Long story short we have a new buyer but still have not moved.

Our house has been packed in boxes since the beginning of April and it’s a huge pain in the proverbial. Poor old Adam hasn’t been able to do his beloved bushcraft because everything is packed away.

This of course does have some benefits for me;

1. I haven’t seen any animal related things in over a month 🙂

2. He’s been spending his time reading and researching which is a ‘normal’ past time and not in the slightest bit messy!

3. He’s finished the spoons – yey! This is massive and exciting and such a relief! When I feel angry and frustrated at the house sale this helps me to see the silver lining on that horrible stormy cloud! Even Tilly was relieved they were finished 🙂

He has however managed to locate a box of stringy bits which he has sat making into string?? It’s as fun as it sounds!

On top of house and wedding pressures work is mental. My role has increased and its relentless. Everyone else at work is stressed too and that just adds to the feeling of too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Finally, we haven’t properly sorted out the honeymoon. We have flights booked but no accommodation. I can’t locate my passport because it was packed over a month ago along with all our clothes. Aargh!

Last week I told him I wanted to emigrate to Oz and just get away from everything and start again. It’s silly because we have jobs we both enjoy most of the time and a new house which is at some point going to complete. We also have very supportive family and friends and our little dog Tilly. We don’t need to run away and start again but it’s at times like this I just want things to simplify. He gave me a reality break and we aren’t moving across the planet for now.

I sometimes wonder what it’s all for. Just going to work to earn money to pay for a house that’s empty all day while we work. Buying a new car to drive to work. Buying new clothes to wear to work. Why?

To try and combat this irritation we sat down and looked at our time off over the next six months to make some plans for trips and adventures and things to feel excited about.

Time with friends is a great mood lifter and on my friend Alisha’s hen do recently I even had chance to do something kinda bushcrafty – archery

The photo above isn’t of me because I was beyond useless! It’s a good job Adam can use a bow aswell as make them because we would starve if I was in charge!

However I was ‘reasonable’ in the escape vehicle

and navigated a night in the city without injury even whilst intoxicated so I think we’d be fine in a survival situation 🙂

All this fun went some way to alleviating my hopeless mood but I still want to sit in a cave with a fire and make things. You know just for a bit….

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