Spooning and why it’s good for your marriage 

So… Since the 10th June 2014 when Flint popped the question he has known that he has 72 spoons to carve. 

You can probably imagine that I’ve mentioned it a few times over the last 2years and he has continued to tell me that he’s on top of it! 

Last week I casually asked him how he was getting on because there are only 6weeks until the wedding. “6 weeks??!!!” Was his response! Oh dear! 

This left me a bit worried. I knew he had started as I had seen a few clues… 

And we’ve had a few evenings where he has been carving until late 

After my initial panic I found out that he has 8 left to do so he’s doing ok. I just hope he can remember where the hoover and the garden brushes are kept 😉 

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