Reflecting on 4 years with the bushcrafter 

Adam and I have been together for four years now and in that time we have definitely learnt a lot about each other. He’s seen me at my worst and knows some of my flaws;
– being stubborn and never apologising
– my impatience and impulsivity which means I want to do everything straight away
– my continued insistence to run my diesel so low my car could stop any minute

I have seen his flaws too;

– NEVER folding his wet towel

– leaving used tea bags in the sink

– forgetting to cancel his alarm when we have a day off

It’s great getting to know someone so well that you know what they are going to say before they do, you know what they are thinking just by a look, you think to call them and they ring you at that moment. I love it 🙂

Adam isn’t a gushing romantic, he’s not soppy and I’m happy with that. I would find it embarrassing. What he’s great at is the little things like;

– having my bath ready when I get home from work

– making sure we always have a bottle of red wine in the house

– laughing together and being silly!

He took us out for a meal on Friday and it was nice, we had a candle on our table and it was just the two of us. We ordered mussels to share which we both love.

They were really nice until he started telling me about the way they filter stuff in the sea and how you should avoid certain months to forage them because of pollutants or something! Hmm a little off putting!
He also got us a DVD to watch which was a typical Adam choice!

It was ok but very graphic and a lot of strange nudity! We didn’t think much of it. I don’t think it was what he expected!

Adam got something right though and that was these lovely flowers 🙂

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