If the way to his heart is through his stomach then I’m in trouble…

We recently started using an online company that sends through meal ingredients in exact quantities for each recipe. This means we don’t waste food and we can all feel good about that 🙂

The down side is that I’m a rubbish cook. Adam generally does all the cooking because he has a natural ability for it (plus I prefer to eat than cook). However tonight it was my turn. I swear I chose the most complicated recipe!

It was supposed to look like this ;

But unfortunately turned out like this;

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I swear I followed the recipe exactly!

The food isn’t the only thing that got burnt. I also now have a burn on my finger which is very sore. Initially I ran it under the cold tap and then sat with it in mug of cold water whilst trying to eat my dinner with the other hand!

Then I remembered this special cream that Adam made a while back out of plantain plant. It is amazing stuff and stopped my burn hurting almost immediately.

Thanks again bushcraft 🙂

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