Positivity in a survival situation

Ok so it’s not quite a survival situation but it felt pretty hopeless a few hours ago!

We found out some more news today which means our house sale is unlikely to go through before our wedding in seven weeks time. As you know our home is totally packed and we have hardly anything to hand.

Getting home tonight and talking to Adam about it I felt totally exhausted mentally with this emotional roller coaster – one day it’s on, the next it’s off.

Adam comes into his own at times like this. I was miserable, really moody and grumpy about the state of the house and the idea of potentially living this way for another 12 weeks. I hated the idea of coming back from honeymoon to our house all packed up. In our minds we would come back as husband and wife to our new home and a new chapter in our lives.

One of the things that really winds me up when I’m annoyed at something is when people are flippant like ‘oh well life goes on’ or ‘don’t worry it will all work out’. I find it really frustrating and unhelpful. Adam knows this and knows the best way to manage me in these moments.

He’s really good at understanding how to motivate me and how to make the best out of a bad situation. He said he can remember being very young at school reading a survival book and learning that there is always something you can do to improve the position you are in. This has stuck with him and hopefully will stick with me too.

We looked around us and the mess that is now our home. He just looked at me and said ‘right lets do something about this’. He started taking all the boxes upstairs and storing them in the spare room that we don’t really use. I felt guilty and started helping. It only took us an hour and we now have one room full of stuff and the rest of the house is clean and tidy and comfortable to live in again.

It’s amazing what a bit of positive attitude can have. I feel happy and able to enjoy being at home again until one day the sale completes!! The pressure is off, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted and we’ve had a great evening sorting through the things left to do for the wedding and honeymoon.

This weekend is our hen and stag do and I can safely say we will be letting our hair down and forgetting about all these grown up things!

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