Smug to mug….(running troubles)

Well this is embarrassing but hey it’s fun to share!

Tonight I decided to go for a short run after work as I really enjoyed my last one on Sunday. It was snowing earlier today yet this evening it was really bright and sunny albeit a little chilly. I figured I should make the most of it. 

I started off really well with my running music and my app supporting every move. There was no one out in the fields which was great because I always feel self conscious running around people. It’s especially awkward running towards someone, like I need to make it look easy and stop grimacing! 

I ran easily at the beginning and soon reached a quiet lane. A few cars drove past and I felt pretty smug if I’m honest – this is easy!! There was a bit of a gradient coming up and I thought to myself “yeah I’m up to it tonight”. It was hard but I made it to the top of the ‘hill’ (it isn’t a hill, it’s a slight rise but hey it felt like a hill to me!).

Looking good, I’ve taken a different route to normal and in my head it’s not that far and I can make it the whole way round. Until….

I get this weird thing sometimes when I’m mega hungry, I think it’s low blood sugar level. I feel a bit faint and ‘shaky’ like I might pass out. It’s my fault I should have had a quick snack before running. Oh dear.. It’s a long way back and I’ve totally overestimated my abilities! 

There are more uphill bits and I just don’t have the energy. I walk for a bit and ring my mum for a chat. I’m pondering calling ‘Flint’ but that would be embarrassing and a failing! Mum and I chat for a bit and I notice it’s taking me ages to make any ground and will probably take over 30mins to get home. 

I’m hungry and tired now. I cave…

Jo “hello”

Flint “hello?”

Jo “I need you to come and save me”

Flint “eh?”

Jo “I overestimated myself and I’ve got the shakes”

Flint “are you joking?!” Laughing! 

Jo “no, can you come and get me please?” 

I couldn’t help laughing at my ridiculous situation. Smug to mug in the blink of an eye!

It’s a good job he’s my hero!! 

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