Just keep running …. 

It’s been a tough week and for a lot of different reasons.

We were supposed to be completing on our house sale yesterday and moving into our new home. Unfortunately on Monday we found out that our buyers had pulled out for health reasons. We can’t be angry, it’s one of those things but it has definitely been stressful. Our house has been packed for 3 weeks and we left out just 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 sets of cutlery etc. We packed all of our clothes except what we thought we would need for that short time and we are surrounded by boxes!

Never mind, we were fortunate enough to put the house back on the market that same day and resold 4 hours later. The cherry on the top is that they are first time buyers with no chain and this is definitely a lucky result.

Our wedding is in 7weeks so we really hope to move in before then. With such a short time left, on top of the house complications, I’m trying to finalise the wedding plans. I like to think I’m pretty organised but I’ve missed a few things this last fortnight such as;

1. Forgetting to pay the registrar 3 weeks ago – I do hope we still have a ceremony!

2. Forgetting to change the band slots for the performances – the music will finish very early if I don’t get my ass in gear!

3. Forgetting to get myself some jewellery to wear on the day – easy fix

Plus a whole lot more that I can’t remember – the irony!

On top of that we still haven’t organised our honeymoon. We’ve booked flights into Venice, Italy and return flights out of Zagreb, Croatia but nothing in between. Furthermore, we have a few changes to make to our original plans.

To add to the panic, my role at work has literally permanently doubled in size since the beginning of April and I really felt it this week. I have known it was coming for 7months but it is still a massive undertaking to get a grip of. I’ve felt the fatigue from not having a single lunch break and getting home very late all but one evening this week.

In addition, Flint has had some pressure of his own that I won’t go into but has caused us both a lot of sleepless nights.

So all in all, it’s been a bit poo. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been out for a run since last Sunday and I was really missing it earlier.

Driving back home after today at my mum’s I felt like I NEEDED to run. A while back I said I couldn’t wait for this feeling and I got it tonight 🙂

I needed the release and the endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment. There’s a lot that feels outside of my control right now and this run was a well-needed boost. I even ran uphill just for that extra challenge. Although I must say I preferred the downhill sprint home!

I’m conscious that this post sounds quite negative and “oh poor me”, but I’m actually feeling the exact opposite. In comparison to the lives of many people out there in the big wide world this is an insult, a joke and a self-centred view about things that really aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

All of the above will be resolved and hopefully with all parties feeling content. We are healthy and happy and we appreciate what we have and that’s the main thing.

I read a fellow blogger’s post this week which I loved and it really made me think, so much so that I want to share it with you if you click the link below;

You’ll never miss the water ’til the well runs dry.

After reading this my plan for the evening is a long hot soak in the bath, some soft warm pjs, a cup of tea, cuddles with my darling doggy and some trashy Saturday night TV.

Other than cuddling Tilly this is Flint‘s idea of hell! He’d much rather be doing this…

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