Waste not Want not

Last night I walked in from work after a long day. Adam was home – he got back Friday after seven days out in the woods working. Sometimes he comes back with things he is excited by and I pretend to be.

One such ‘goody’ is these;

Mmm don’t they look nice. I tell you what they look great on the mantle piece. I’ve been searching months for the ideal ornament to put up there and I just couldn’t decide. My search is now over

Why does he have these bones I hear you ask? Why in earth would someone keep these? I asked the same questions so I can tell you.

These bones can be made into things. Ok???

Apparently the bones are usually wasted in an animal but historically our ancestors would have made things out of bones. For example, bone needles, awls, harpoon and arrow points. The Vikings also made combs, beads and brooches. Google Viking Bone Combs and you can see loads of examples. I just did and actually it’s pretty impressive!

Adam has made quite a few things with bone in the past but most of it is packed away until we’ve moved. However still hanging up on his bow rack is this quiver of arrows

Within it, on the end of an arrow, is an arrow tip made from bone.

This is the bone of deer and was abraded and shaped with sandstone and flint into a sharp point. The arrow head has been tied on with sinews (tendons) from the same animal and glued on with hide glue. I learned the hard way that its a bad idea to hoover up the skin shavings!

This arrow head could be used for hunting however bow hunting is illegal in the UK. Nevertheless, he enjoys practising the skills and I love seeing the bones lying about our home.. 😉

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