Breaking Camp

Adam and I are due an imminent house move as we have sold our first home and bought our second. We’re sad and excited all at the same time. We both love our current house and its location surrounded by countryside. However, it was never forever.

I feel sad about leaving the beautiful chapel-style windows and the lovely rapeseed fields in spring


and our snug fire in the winter and at Christmas.

IMG_20151222_200238Adam is obviously concerned to lose the man cave and the workshop he put such graft into building. However, life goes on!

Whilst packing up the house I have been busy boxing up clothes, bedding, crockery, paperwork and all the ‘normal stuff’. Adam has been really helpful and had the task of emptying the loft.

I cannot explain to you how much bushcraft stuff he had up there. I mean wow he really took advantage of the fact I refused to go up into our roof space! There must have been 6-8 hard brittle deer skins yellowy and still slightly hairy. There were endless pieces of ‘useful’ (scrap) wood, and boxes of old army blankets and sheep skin jackets for projects!
Of course we also had the token squirrel skins which have been tucked away  (out of sight out of mind!)

And this contraption which is apparently a humane rabbit trap (I’m happy it’s humane anyway!)

I didn’t photograph the rest because I could barely move to reach for my camera!

We won’t even try and cover what he has packed from the workshop; huge chunks of Flint, many a skin stapled to a board, bits of bark, bow shaped pieces of wood, long straight bits which are no doubt destined for hand drills, the stove with which we made cups of tea and soup out in the winter 🙂

It’s the end of an era but at the same time it’s the beginning of our next chapter. It’s a good job he had practice building a workshop because I’ve got a feeling those skills will come in handy in the new place, especially as the loft is almost non-existent 😉

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