You have to walk before you can run

I’m feeling pretty happy right now after finishing my 7th ‘run’. It’s got me thinking about the psychology of exercise and running in particular.

I’ve been thinking about, and trying to understand, why I wanted to go for a run tonight but I didn’t last night. Also I’m trying to work out if I even WANTED to go for a run or if I guilted myself into it. Or maybe I don’t want to fail by giving up now that I have declared publicly that I’ve started running again.

I suppose it’s sunny today and was raining like hell yesterday – yeah that will definitely have something to do with it. I love the fields this time of year with rapeseed everywhere  – it’s so colourful and my favourite time to run is when the sun is setting 🙂

I’ve tried to get back into exercising or running for ages and just haven’t been motivated. I suppose the obvious reasons for starting now are the upcoming wedding and the fact it’s coming into spring with nice weather.

I used to run a lot a few years back and many times since then I’ve gone for the odd one or two runs and then not bothered again, so why is now different? Maybe it’s easier this time because I’m using an app which is telling me when to stop and start.

Is it a bit weak to need a computer to tell you what to do? Or maybe it’s ok and it’s just a bit of a crutch to get you going until you can do it alone, a bit like when you break your leg???

In the past I’ve just gone out and probably expected too much too soon (hence the title of this post). With this app it sets really small targets to start with which gradually increase each time you run. In a way it is reducing the chances of ‘failing’ in the early days because it is realistic. I suppose that builds up confidence slowly??? (plus a robot voice tells you “you’re doing great!!” every so often – haha that helps!!)

Whatever the reason I want to keep it up and get to that point where I REALLY WANT TO RUN!! That brings me into my next point…

The great thing about being ‘The Bushcrafter’s Wife’ is that Flint has opened my eyes to noticing the seasons more and the way the environment changes around me. It’s scary how we can live our lives kind of ‘sleep-walking’ through it and not noticing. I’m really grateful to Flint for that 🙂

Running allows me to appreciate nature in my way in my own time. I was really aware this evening of the bright colours of the fields, the sparkles on the water, and the position of the sun.

I was also conscious of the fact that I can’t blooming remember how to work out the position of the sun. I know Flint has told me lots of times… Oops!! I wanted to assume that, because it was 6pm, the sun was due west but I don’t think it’s that simple.

In 2012 when we first met I read a book by Tristan Gooley called The Natural Navigator. I can’t really remember a lot but I think the sun is only due west at 6pm on 2days of the year (the equinoxes)??? If you could read the book and then explain it to me that would be great 😉

Excitingly the longest day of the year is normally in June and, following a quick Google, I can tell you it is June 20th this year. We’ll be husband and wife by then 🙂

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