The Bushcrafter’s Honeymoon

The upcoming honeymoon will be our first compromise as husband and wife and we have quite different ideas of what it should look like!

Fortunately for Adam I’m not someone who wants to lie on a sunbed reading books for 2 weeks (lucky really considering our holidays so far have included wild camping in Sweden and over a week in a tent in the Sahara desert – although you could argue there was plenty of sand!)

Ever since we’ve been together I’ve been trying to convince him to  take a trip to Venice with me… He’s really not that interested! It’s a city, there are people and its commercial.

Ok Adam what’s your idea? He suggested a bit of a road trip in the US. Yep like the sound of that, maybe go to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, onto the coast perhaps for a little bit of sun and sand? Great idea:)

However, that’s not really what he meant. “What do you mean visiting bushcraft and survival schools?!”

I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound very romantic to me! I can just imagine sitting there while he makes an axe or works some Buck skin, or makes a fire and shelter. Isn’t that just his normal life anyway?!

Long story short, we aren’t doing that!

Adam’s next suggestion was better but still sounded a bit too bushcrafty to me – camping in the forests in Croatia. “We can track wild animals and go for long walks in the forests”.

Hmmmm I can work with this…

I’ve had a bit of practice at wild camping  

I’ve eaten fish straight from the lakes and cooked over an open fire

and I don’t mind a swim in the water instead of a shower!  

I’ve always wanted to go to Croatia and have heard lots of good things. Conveniently one of Adam’s bushcrafty friends was also giving me lots of reasons why Croatia was a good choice. I was definitely suspicious until his wife also told me about some of the great old fashioned towns and a place full of waterfalls called Krka National Park  and the stunning coastline. If she liked it then hopefully I would too!

Although I still wanted to go to Venice and thought, after going on about it for four years, now was my time. Oh and look, it’s only a short ferry ride from Croatia – how convenient 🙂

I like a bit of adventure and exploring so the idea of going to both Croatia and Italy really appealed. On top of that we saw some information about Via Ferrara in the Dolomites Italy, which is a protected climbing path in the mountains. The views look amazing and definitely something we would both enjoy.

It’s all coming together and we’re both really looking forward to it. The only thing now is that Adam has suggested, since we’re in Italy anyway, that we visit Otzi.

You know, Otzi the iceman, the exhibit every Newlywed Bride is desperate to see…

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