Foraged Hogweed and Prawn Curry

Yes that’s right a weed in the dinner 🙂 I’ve tried it before so I know it’s ok, a bit hairy at times but ok!

We planned to have a curry tonight but didn’t have many greens in so we took Tilly out for a walk in the fields and foraged for something to ‘green it up!’

I remember hogweed and what it looks like from a couple of years ago when I first tried it. However it can be hard to spot this time of year from a distance because the leaves are still pretty small. Adam taught me a trick though which is to look for the tall hogweed plants from last year because there will likely be new shoots nearby.

He was right 🙂 we found some little shoots (apparently the younger the better).

Hogweed is part of the same family (celery) as hemlock WHICH IS POISONOUS. This could be a problem but luckily hogweed is one of the plants in that family which looks least similar to hemlock so making it a safe choice if you pay attention.
Good job I can tell the difference because this mistake could actually be fatal – scary! I probably wouldn’t forage and eat this without checking with Adam first.

I remember something to do with the stems – I think hogweed stems have vertical ridges and they are quite hairy. Also, hemlock often has red spots on the stem (something to do with Socrates?)

We collected a decent handful and headed home

Quick rinse under water just in case

Then into the curry! Yum 🙂

It was actually really nice and I’m being serious. I’m quite honest with Adam when his foraged meals aren’t my thing but this was good.

Next time I’ll tell you where you can find these bad boys ….!!

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