The Fire Steel

Tonight we decided we would like a fire before it starts getting too warm to enjoy our stove.

Always wanting to practice his bushcraft skills Adam whips out an old base board he’s used for hand drills. He never seems to bore of lighting the fire with bushcrafty methods, even though it would be much easier to use a lighter or a match (well for me anyway!)

Something tells me that bit of wood has helped make a few fires! This photo confuses me because he’s actually making a feather stick out of the wood to catch the spark.

Shame he’s showing no regard for the rug!


Oh well it’s worth it for a cosy fire 🙂

I’m not too bad with the fire steel, better than I am with the hand drill anyway! It’s still hard though I think because you have to get a decent enough spark to set fire to the tinder.

“Try again” I hear you say! Ok I’ve got enough years ahead of me to master it and a pretty good teacher 🙂

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