How I ‘contain’ his bushcraft at home

Adam loves his bushcraft, that goes without saying. Unfortunately this love/hobby/habit takes up a lot of space and can be very messy. Over the years I have learnt to tolerate his interests and work out ways to keep them under control!

1. Enable him to create a workshop in the back garden to store all the really minging stuff  
2. Devote a cupboard to be used as a ‘man cave’ to store anything that is too ‘precious’ to keep outside i.e. Smelly old skins (in airtight boxes at my request), tools upon tools upon tools, the moose ear containing the fire lighting kit, a lot of grassy stringy bits and I don’t know what else.


3. ‘Allow’ a bow and arrow displaying contraption to be added to a wall in the spare bedroom (known as ‘the boy room’ for apt reasons)

4. Allow strange skulls and bits to be displayed in this room only

6. Add in anything normal which can be passed off as bushcraft

7. And finally, allow him to take complete control of the loft (which I would not dream of going in anyway because it is spider heaven) filling it with whatever his heart desires so that he feels his hobby is supported 🙂

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