The Bushcrafter’s Honeymoon

The upcoming honeymoon will be our first compromise as husband and wife and we have quite different ideas of what it should look like!

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Foraged Hogweed and Prawn Curry

Yes that’s right a weed in the dinner 🙂 I’ve tried it before so I know it’s ok, a bit hairy at times but ok!

We planned to have a curry tonight but didn’t have many greens in so we took Tilly out for a walk in the fields and foraged for something to ‘green it up!’

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How I ‘contain’ his bushcraft at home

Adam loves his bushcraft, that goes without saying. Unfortunately this love/hobby/habit takes up a lot of space and can be very messy. Over the years I have learnt to tolerate his interests and work out ways to keep them under control!

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