My first expedition


I used to find it really tough when Adam spent long periods of time away from home, be that in the UK or abroad. Initially when he was working overseas I would just stay at home worrying and looking forward to intermittent phone calls and texts to know he was ok.

In September 2013, however, I decided to join him and go along on a trip. The plan was to go to Morocco, initially stay in Marakesh, and then travel on to the Sahara Desert.

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A ‘Peak’ into Flint’s world…

In February 2013 Adam was working abroad for 2 weeks and I spent EVERY evening lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and watching back to back Grey’s Anatomy.

He was away for our first Valentine’s Day can you believe it?!

Well, I forgave him when he came back and asked if I fancied an attempt at the Yorkshire 3 peaks just 2 days later?? Never liking to refuse a challenge I accepted… no training, no idea what to expect, never walked up a mountain, never walked for longer than 5miles in one hit probably (shameful I know!)

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Setting up Camp

After just five months together we moved into our first home. Adam had recently moved from the Lake District to Bedford and was living out of his van, while I was living over an hour away from anyone I knew due to moving around with work. Timing was right for both of us as my job relocated and Adam was getting fed up with white van accommodation.

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The Spark

Lets start at the beginning…

Adam and I met online in May 2012 when I ‘winked’ at him! I recall his profile talking about the fact he had just moved to Bedford from the Lake District. He wanted someone to distract him from the fact that there aren’t any mountains for him to climb in Bedford – that someone ended up being me 🙂

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