Can you have a Bushcraft Wedding?

When Adam and I (well I) first started planning the wedding we were going to hold the ceremony and reception out in the woods somewhere. This sounded like a great idea but when I looked into it I didn’t fancy portaloos, generators and the risk of a wash out if it poured with rain. Adam and I wouldn’t be too fussed and I’d love an excuse for some new wellies, but I didn’t think our guests would be too happy!

So… We decided on a barn and will be saying our vows, having our reception and staying over at the Dairy Barns, Hickling, Norfolk.

Now… How to make it a nice pretty wedding but also incorporate Bushcraft and nature into it….???

Well you can see above that our homemade wedding invites have a tree theme and here’s a few items from our list of things to do;

1. Crochet bride and groom love birds – I’ve almost finished these and will upload a pic when done 🙂

2. Carve and sand spoons – Adam has 72 spoons to carve and I am sanding them. Each table is named after a tree; willow, spruce, hawthorn, alder, sycamore, birch, lime, ash, poplar and each guest will get a hand carved spoon made from the wood of the table they are sat at. Adam has had 20 months to do this and so far he has done 18…


3. Collect wild flowers – although we are having ‘normal bouquets’, some of the flowers around the venue will be wild.

4. Finish knife for cutting cake – Adam has made a knife from scratch. It started as some sort of petal pole and I think he heated and hammered it then sharpened it. He’s also made a handle for it. It looks great but isn’t quite finished and I’ll upload a photo once its done

5. Dry petals for confetti – for the last 2 years I have been collecting petals from wild flowers I have picked or from all the (haha yeah!) bouquets of flowers Adam gets me!

6. Sort out manekin with clothing – Adam originally wanted to wear his buck skin shirt to the wedding. OBVIOUSLY I said no! However, I have agreed to a manekin wearing it on the day – bit weird but hey, like I said before, it’s all about compromise!


7. Varnish paddle – last summer Adam made a paddle and took it out with him to Sweden (which is why it looks a bit battered!). We’re gonna use this is a bit of a guest book and ask people to sign it 🙂 He burned the picture of the otter into the front which is very cute. We saw one our Sweden trip.


8. Finish card log – this is amazing! It’s a hollowed out bit of a tree trunk with a lid to use as a post box 🙂 Adam has also carved some birds for the front!!


So, in conclusion – on balance I think it’s quite a natural and bushcrafty (new word maybe) wedding.

However, It’s perhaps not very manly considering everyone has floral mismatched China and tea out of a teapot, there’s a lot of pink, and I’ve embarrassed Adam with lots of photos of him as a teeny tiny boy!!! Mwuhahaha!! Oh well, what does he expect???!!

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