Running out of time 

We get married in 85 days, I counted just now. That sounds quite a long way off I think? It’s not though, it really isn’t.

For ages I’ve been wanting to start running again. I’ve never been mega mega fit but when Flint and I first met I would run about 3 times a week and normally for an hour or two at a time. Since then, I’ve done nothing except one run in October 2015 with a good friend of mine. Unfortunately even the thought of that colour run approaching didn’t motivate me to train and resulted in walking most of the route – shame!

I’m not trying to lose weight – that’s not my motivation. I suppose I’m just conscious that my hobbies aren’t very active (I’m not sure crochet has any obvious benefits for health?!).

Running gets me outdoors in the sun, wind, rain (when I’m really into it) and cold. I used to love it and I want that again.

Today, as you know is Good Friday and my intention this morning when I woke up was to go shopping for some honeymoon clothes and then eat chocolate in front of the TV.

Throughout the course of the day my mind changed. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was spotting the sports gear in the shops, maybe it was the lovely weather, maybe it was the term ‘good’ Friday that guilted me into it! Maybe it was the realisation of how soon the wedding is. Whatever it was I’m  feeling pretty good right now.

I just completed my first self-motivated run in about 3years, maybe longer. It was tiny (in fact to some it may not even count) but I did it!

I downloaded an app to help me along and measure progress – I figure this will help keep me focused – it was free so why not.

I ran outdoors in the fields by our house – also free

I wore my skanky old trainers (still multi coloured from the colour run last year) and some old clothes which were languishing in the back of my wardrobe – again, free

Yey! No cost, no hassle and I feel chuffed. The run was half and hour with some stopping and starting and I enjoyed the setting sun and the peace and quiet.

Why didn’t I do this sooner? Not sure but there’s a reason I’m sharing all this. Well three actually

1. To motivate anyone who keeps thinking about exercise but has been putting it off like me

2. To remind us all that you don’t have to buy the right gear,  download an expensive app, and join an overpriced gym. It’s out there waiting for us!

3. To make sure I do it again. I’m publicly saying I’M STARTING TO RUN AGAIN!

That’ll do it

2 thoughts on “Running out of time 

  1. Good on you but I did laugh but that is my weird sense of humour I get married in 85 days …….I want to start running again


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