A walk with Adam and his Bushcraft Absences

Adam and I had a day off together on Tuesday after both having worked the weekend.

Random mid week days are great because there is no one around and we can just wander off into the fields with Tilly. The sun was shining, and it was a great day to be out.


When out walking I tend to be thinking of other things i.e., the approaching wedding, the imminent house move, things going on with work or plans for the weekend. It’s a shame really and I need to get better at enjoying the moment….like Adam does…..

He has these ‘episodes’ which I like to call ‘bushcraft absences’. They usually occur when I’m trying to talk to him about something important or serious, or something I need him to remember. I can see it in his eyes when he isn’t hearing me anymore. He sort of drifts off as if he is in another world, and then his eyes will focus on something past my face and he starts walking away. It drives me mad!

Here are some of the things he found on his bushcraft absences and what I think he may have told me about them???


Ok so I see four photographs of mud. Apparently though this is much more interesting…He told me loads of stuff and I paid really close attention of course…….lets see;

Top left: a bird print?

Top right: tilly prints – I know that one!

Bottom left: some sort of bird print? walking in a really straight line

Bottom right: worm mud thingys – something to do with aerating the mud?!! I’m not really sure (maybe I had a bushcraft absence too…?)



We had some more interesting finds such as a ‘devil’s toenail’ (I think it was a fossilised shell of some sort) and then the bottom picture, well this one was really exciting…

Adam: ‘come here Jo, look at this’

Jo: ‘what?’

Adam: ‘come here’

Jo: ‘what is it?’

Adam: ‘fox poo, come and have a look’ – starts prodding with a twig

Jo: ‘no Adam, I draw the line at poo’.

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