I try not to remember when…

For every good moment there is a corresponding not-so-good moment. I think this is a positive thing and great practice for a long and happy marriage…I hear it’s all about compromise…

My top  bottom 5 moments

  1. The muntjac on the table incident we don’t talk about this!
  2. One day I decided I would defrost some meat out of the freezer ready for dinner that evening. A few hours later I checked on the meat to find ‘oh this doesn’t look like chicken’ in fact, I don’t know what this is?’ Turns out the meat was actually rabbit feet. Yum
  3. Beautiful summer day… Blazing sun, warm gentle breeze, not a cloud in the sky. Great, I cannot tell you how excited I get when spring comes around and I can hang washing outdoors. Except sometimes bushcraft interferes 🙂


4. You may have read I remember when and seen the lovely weekend we had in the lakes at Adam’s teepee? It was great, that bits true. However, the teepee had been sitting empty for a good 3 years and wildlife had well and truly moved in. It was May and we were staying the night so Adam lit us a fire inside the teepee to get warmed up for the evening (and so I could toast some marshmallows). Great idea you say? Yes. Well, except for the fact that the smoke fumigated the teepee and I am not joking when I say that 100’s of spiders suddenly started springing down out of the ceiling above our heads. I can feel my adrenaline as I type this because it was such an awful feeling being in that bloody teepee with an exit the size of a hobbit’s front door. My god did I scream. Although, I am proud to say that following a lot of expletives and a period of time where I refused to return to the shelter, we spent the night in there. I didn’t get any sleep but of course that’s a given.

5. It’s Christmas Eve 2012. Our first xmas together. I’m feeling romantic, we have some mulled wine warming, a lovely (normal) dinner cooking in the kitchen, a film scheduled and a spot booked on the sofa for the night. I have heard Adam lighting the fire and, honestly, this is my favourite kinda night. Until, I walk into the lounge and see a dead frozen bunny defrosting by the fire. Festive.


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