I remember when…

This entry is a brief reflection on some of my favourite memories of being a bushcrafter’s wife so far…..

Getting engaged in Sweden June 2014 at the end of our kayaking and canoeing trip



When Flint cooked us a meal of ground ivy spiced beef burgers cooked on his Kenyan BBQ, with hedge garlic mayo, ground ivy yoghurt, nettle and garlic pesto, and a side of hog weed.


When we we visited the lakes in 2013 and stayed in the self built teepee Flint had made years before, and then waking up to strong coffee and this view. (please see the ‘I try not to remember when’ blog for alternative memories of this trip…)



When we spent a week off together in October 2015 building Flints very own workshop in the back garden, topped off with some antlers courtesy of our friend Burt.


The expedition in the Sahara desert back in September 2013




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