The fox (skin) and the hair (brush)

Oh dear, I thought I’d be recapping on previous bushcraft invasions for a while before I had something current to comment on (I expected at least a week). I was wrong.

I got home from work this evening to find the featured items on the lounge rug. For the untrained eye this is a fox skin.

From my limited (but not as limited as I would like) experience, this has been soaked in eggs or something (I think the other options is brains). Eggs, please tell me it was eggs.

Thinking back I recall seeing something wrapped up in a towel in the bath this morning before leaving for work. In fact, now I am reflecting, I thought he ran my bath each evening to be sweet but actually its probably just part and parcel of cleaning up after the random animal parts that have been in there before me – wow. Maybe I should just shower from now on….

You will see that my hairbrush is also in the photograph above. Now, those of you who know Adam will know that he currently has long hair. However, those of you who know him well will also know that this brush is not for his hair. No, following some quite direct questioning by me I have discovered that this brush has been used on the fox fur.

Why? I hear you ask….

His response ‘It has been stapled to a board for ages with salt on to dry it so it was a bit musty and needed brushing to make it look nice again’.

My response ‘was this not in the bath this morning?’

Flint: ‘erm….yeah’

Jo: ‘Why?’

Flint: ‘I was dressing the skin in eggs to help it go soft after it dries’

Jo: ‘Right…..’

Conclusion: it’s time for a new hair brush.

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