Will you be my actual wife?

We have always had this running joke about me being Adam’s Forest wife when we were in the woods, or Sand wife when we were in the desert.

In June 2014 he asked ‘Will you be my actual wife?’.

This question came at the end of a 10 day trip where we Kayaked in the Swedish Archipelego and then canoed in the Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve. Adam had planned to propose while we were out in the middle of nowhere but he’d had my ring made and it wasn’t ready in time to sneak out with him on the flight. Instead he arranged for the ring to be posted to Mikael Nillson of Nordic Discovery who was in on the surprise!!

Sweden was great fun and Adam’s chance to really share his passion for bushcraft and nature with me.

We spent hours in our Sea Kayak exploring all the tiny empty islands in the Swedish archipelago.


We (well Adam) caught fresh fish for dinner and cooked it over the fire.

He taught me how to filter water with a millbank bag and how to make damper bread for breakfast each day. Of course there was plenty of fire involved and I learned how to make a feather stick.

We got clean in the sea or in the lakes, Ad taught me different knots for tying up the kayak and we even found time to collect some birch bark for making containers back home.

After getting back to dry land, Ad was secretly preparing to propose as he picked up the ring from Mikael and cooked us some dinner outside the tent. As a treat we bought some Swedish chocolate and took it to the jetty to eat. Poor old Ad was nervously preparing the right words for the big question and all I wanted to do was open the chocolate!


Finally he got my attention and I said yes of course 🙂

There’s just one problem though, now he will need to stop talking about bushcraft so much and start thinking about the wedding 🙂

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