Man’s Best Friend

Tilly is my dog (now ours), I got her for my 18th birthday some time ago 😉

When Flint and I met, he and Tilly did not like each other – that is an understatement!

I remember him telling me (before they even met) that a dog was only a dog if it was big enough for a small toddler to ride. Well that definitely does not apply to Tilly!

Within a few times of meeting Tilly had already wee’d all over Flint’s hoody on the floor, she cowered away from him if he tried to play, and eventually wet herself every time she saw him.

Tilly had never been scared of anyone before, or since, and friends of ours suggested it was due to the skulls or the skins that Flint would display or use?? As you can imagine this was distressing for all of us and we were desperate for things to change.

Flint started enticing her to him with bits of food and eventually they started to build a bond, mainly through the outdoors…

sometimes through helping her face her doggy fears….

or with their shared love of fire….

sometimes just from being silly and of course, on occasion, directly through bushcraft!





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