Setting up Camp

After just 5 months together we moved into our first home. Flint had recently moved from the Lake District to Bedford and was living out of his van, while I was living over an hour away from anyone I knew due to moving around with work. Timing was right for both of us as my job relocated and Flint got fed up with the white van accommodation.


After a successful trip to the Lakes where I helped him sift ash (for skins??) and jumped in the freezing cold Esk we took the leap together and I soon discovered what I had let myself in for living with a bushcrafter….

Hand axes on the mantle piece and Skulls on the window ledge!


I suppose that first year I was starting to understand Flint better and realised that his interests were somewhat different to other people I had known in the past. Some things were pretty clever like when he showed me how to start a fire with some fungus and flint or something like that – the Otzi way. IMG_00000468


He also was very keen to grow veg so we recycled some old under-bed draws and started growing. I started to appreciate his interest in the whole ‘self-sufficiency’ malarkey he was always talking about! Although, my limit is veg – I couldn’t imagine eating pigs or chickens of our own.

Oh, and Milly made friends with ‘Lugs’ the local cat who had no ears!

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