Mountains and Forests

Another new experience for me. I’d never been skiing before, not at school, not in a snow dome back home.

I was looking forward to it, except for one thing. We were going with 3 of Adam’s friends all of whom have skied before and many times.

It was pretty embarrassing when Sam offered to teach me and I didn’t even know how to get the skis onto my shoes. I also thought the ski poles were used to push you along. Wow!

Fortunately Adam’s friends were patient and I’m sure a little entertained especially when I couldn’t stop myself with the snow plough on a green slope…

As always, I couldn’t give in so we were heading up on a blue within a couple of hours. My next mistake… the button lift…what on earth are they all about? I’m sure many of you have done this too (I hope). I sat on the button and consequentially fell straight to the ground causing Adam much embarrassment I’m sure. It gets better though….

At the top of the lift you’re suppose to let go and gently and gracefully glide to a stop. Well… that’s not quite how it happened. I let go too early and just slid all the way back down to the bottom… again shame.

Second attempt and I ended up in a crumpled heap on the slope…

On day 2 I was ‘tricked’ into skiing a red slope and it actually went well until I realised it was a red. When I tried to stop and meet up with the group at the crossroads in the middle of the mountain, I misjudged the situation and ended up flying down the mountain straight down the middle and picking up huge amounts of speed. I have no idea how but I eventually managed to veer off to my right and went flying off piste, fortunately missing any obstacles and trees. Poor Adam came quickly behind me scared that he had killed his new girlfriend!

I guess the point of this is Adam was definitely testing me to see if I was cut out for his adventurous lifestyle. The next month it stepped up a gear….. 🙂

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