The Spark

Lets start at the beginning…

Adam and I met online in May 2012 when I ‘winked’ at him! I recall his profile talking about the fact he had just moved to Bedford from the Lake District. He wanted someone to distract him from the fact that there aren’t any mountains for him to climb in Bedford – that someone ended up being me 🙂

 I liked his profile as he seemed adventurous and had photos on there from the ‘Tough Guy’ race he had recently completed.

We had our first date at The Lamb in Ely and he joked by text ‘I’ll see Ewe there’. We had planned to meet at 6pm and I’d pre-arranged an 8pm exit in case he was a weirdo…..

Unfortunately, by 6:15pm I was wishing I could stay all night as we talked about all the things you shouldn’t discuss on a first date such as religion, politics, football and exes! We discussed his work and I pretended to be vaguely interested – if only I knew what I was getting myself into….

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