Can you have a Bushcraft Wedding?

When Adam and I (well I) first started planning the wedding we were going to hold the ceremony and reception out in the woods somewhere. This sounded like a great idea but when I looked into it I didn’t fancy portaloos, generators and the risk of a wash out if it poured with rain. Adam and I wouldn’t be too fussed and I’d love an excuse for some new wellies, but I didn’t think our guests would be too happy!

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A walk with Adam and his Bushcraft Absences

Adam and I had a day off together on Tuesday after both having worked the weekend.

Random mid week days are great because there is no one around and we can just wander off into the fields with Tilly. The sun was shining, and it was a great day to be out.


When out walking I tend to be thinking of other things i.e., the approaching wedding, the imminent house move, things going on with work or plans for the weekend. It’s a shame really and I need to get better at enjoying the moment….like Adam does…..

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Bushcraft – My way

This blog is about peeking into my mind a little bit and how I make sense of the world around me.

Adam is really into his plants, trees, stars, etc. To me it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense a lot of the time.

He regularly amazes me with his breadth and depth of knowledge about all things nature. One of my strategies for remembering what on earth he is talking about is to re-name things!! It drives him mad!

Some examples;

1 Greater reed mace (typha latifolia)    

AKA ‘Sausages’ – I think this is pretty self explanatory since they look like sausages on sticks!

2. Greater reed mace (Typha latifolia) when pulled apart

AKA ‘Fluffies’ – again, they’re fluffy when broken apart and used for tinder

3. Getting an ember with fungus and flint   

AKA ‘doing an Otzi’ – strangely enough I had the book ‘The man in the ice’ on my bookshelf before Adam and I met.


4. Hide work

AKA ‘Scrapies’. This refers to both wet and dry scraping. Although wet scraping is most certainly restricted to the outdoors!


5. Lyra

AKA my least favourite constellation. I don’t like this constellation because when Adam and I first got together and he was away in the woods he would tell me he was sat gazing at Lyra and she looked really good tonight! You can imagine my relief when I found out Lyra was just a bunch of bloody stars!



I try not to remember when…

For every good moment there is a corresponding not-so-good moment. I think this is a positive thing and great practice for a long and happy marriage…I hear it’s all about compromise…

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The fox (skin) and the hair (brush)

Oh dear, I thought I’d be recapping on previous bushcraft invasions for a while before I had something current to comment on (I expected at least a week). I was wrong.

I got home from work this evening to find the featured items on the lounge rug. For the untrained eye this is a fox skin.

From my limited (but not as limited as I would like) experience, this has been soaked in eggs or something (I think the other options is brains). Eggs, please tell me it was eggs.

Thinking back I recall seeing something wrapped up in a towel in the bath this morning before leaving for work. In fact, now I am reflecting, I thought he ran my bath each evening to be sweet but actually its probably just part and parcel of cleaning up after the random animal parts that have been in there before me – wow. Maybe I should just shower from now on….

You will see that my hairbrush is also in the photograph above. Now, those of you who know Flint will know that he currently has long hair. However, those of you who know him well will also know that this brush is not for his hair. No, following some quite direct questioning by me I have discovered that this brush has been used on the fox fur.

Why? I hear you ask….

His response ‘It has been stapled to a board for ages with salt on to dry it so it was a bit musty and needed brushing to make it look nice again’.

My response ‘was this not in the bath this morning?’

Flint: ‘erm….yeah’

Jo: ‘Why?’

Flint: ‘I was dressing the skin in eggs to help it go soft after it dries’

Jo: ‘Right…..’

Conclusion: it’s time for a new hair brush.

Will you be my actual wife?


We have always had this running joke about me being Flint’s Forest wife when we were in the woods, or Sand wife when we were in the desert.

In June 2014 he asked ‘Will you be my actual wife?’.

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My first expedition

I used to find it really tough when Flint spent long periods of time away from home, be that in the UK or abroad. Initially when he was working overseas I would just stay at home worrying and looking forward to intermittent phone calls and texts to know he was ok.

In September 2013, however, I decided to join him and go along on a trip. The plan was to go to Morocco, initially stay in Marakesh, and then travel on to the Sahara Desert.

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A ‘Peak’ into Flint’s world…

In February 2013 Flint was working abroad for 2 weeks and I spent EVERY evening lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and watching back to back Grey’s Anatomy.

He was away for our first Valentine’s Day can you believe it?!

Well, I forgave him when he came back and asked if I fancied an attempt at the Yorkshire 3 peaks just 2 days later?? Never liking to refuse a challenge I accepted… no training, no idea what to expect, never walked up a mountain, never walked for longer than 5miles in one hit probably (shameful I know!)

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Mountains and Forests

Another new experience for me. I’d never been skiing before, not at school, not in a snow dome back home.

I was looking forward to it, except for one thing. We were going with 3 of Adam’s friends all of whom have skied before and many times.

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