Welcome to The Bushcrafter’s Wife

Adventurous, Outdoorsy, Sarcastic

I’m Jo – I like to wear my red jacket and my cool boots and spend time outside making a ton of mistakes but hopefully learning from them. I get about too y’know – I mean travel of course. In fact, this blog is mostly about travel – the outdoorsy adventurous type – but is also about my journey with bushcraft.

Adam is ‘the bushcrafter’. He lives and breathes bushcraft and survival skills. Anything from shelter building and fire lighting, to snowshoeing and making clothes from animal skins.

In 2014 I started writing about my experiences of life as The Bushcrafter’s Wife. I would come home from work to find plants hanging to dry from the ceiling, strange natural remedies in jars on the shelves, and worst of all, squirrel skins drying on the washing line. As you may expect, this was all a little bit odd for me and took some getting used to. I started blogging about my experiences and found a lot of humour in his antics – check out ‘surviving bushcraft’.

This is Adam, the hairy one with an animal on his head. 

Over the years this blog has evolved. I am no longer shocked by Adam’s bushcraft activities as they have become a big part of both of our lives and we love spending time outdoors together.

I love to travel – always have and always will. However, Adam and I have both been focusing on our careers over the last decade and securing our future financially. Sure, we’ve holidayed but we haven’t truly travelled.

For a while now we have been thinking that there must be more to life than work and having a nice house – things are now changing. Follow along as we work out what is important to us and create the life of adventures that we’ve always wanted.

  • Our house is let for 12 months so we can spend our salaries on travel and adventure instead of giving it all to British Gas and our mortgage provider.
  • Adam is currently in Ontario, Canada living in a tent in the woods for three months and working with Lure Of The North. He tells me this is good for his professional development and then sends a video of him being pulled along by a snowmobile whilst strapped to a snowboard!
  • I am living nomadic – sometimes at my mum’s (loving being looked after), sometimes housesitting (so I don’t drive her crazy) and donating £5 to a homeless charity for each night of free accommodation (because it seems mad not to).
  • While Adam is away I am enjoying a ton of adventures of my own and have found myself missing the bushcraft influence he brings to my life. I’ve even been seeking out opportunities to light fires and cook outdoors!
  • I’ve been dabbling in solo travel and recently spent a few days in Norway by myself.  I am also taking a three month solo trip from July 2019 – destination still to be confirmed.

What is the point of this blog you ask?

That’s a very good question! I think I’m still working that out.

I want to record and share experiences with friends and family (and those of you who read quietly without commenting – I know you’re there!)
Its also to inspire people to visit places, or take part in activities, they may not normally be drawn to.
Finally, its just about having a bloody good time, making the most of the one life you have, and never taking yourself too seriously 🙂 I want you to laugh at me/with me, whatever, because laughing is one of the best things in life we can do!