Hello I’m Jo, welcome to my blog.

I am married to a bushcrafter. He lives and breathes bushcraft. It is a huge part of his life and part of his identity, therefore part of mine too. I decided I need to capture my life as a Bushcrafter’s wife.

I love the outdoors and travelling. I’m adventurous but in different ways to my husband Adam (he’s also referred to as Flint in this blog sometimes until I update it all!)

I like adrenaline fuelled activities and visiting countries around the world. Adam loves the sleep in the woods and make things like bows, snowshoes and traditional clothing.

Our interests are very different and we give each other space to explore what we love. We also share some interests like wildlife, hiking, mountain adventures, canoeing, kayaking and camping.

Adam and I met back in 2012 and moved in together six months later. Despite his unusual ornaments of animal skulls and stone hand axes, we lived in harmony!

We got engaged in 2014 at the end of a kayaking and canoeing trip in Sweden, and married two years later on the Norfolk Coast in England.

In the last six years I have put up with, and indirectly learned a lot from Adam’s passion for bushcraft and the outdoors. It has been messy, smelly, interesting, eye-opening and, at times, pretty funny.

This blog is mostly about my experiences of being the Bushcrafter’s Wife including projects, bushcraft invasions, expeditions and adventures. In addition, I enjoy writing about my own interests and loves such as travel, wildlife, hiking, adrenaline fuelled activities and general adventures home and abroad.

Finally, some of this blog is just about trying to ‘survive’ bushcraft!!

Happy reading, I’d love your feedback and to hear about similar experiences!

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I feel your pain Jo.
    It’s not just anyone who could live with these boys. Takes a certain amount of patience, extra hot washing machine cycles and air freshener 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Comments pasted from Facebook:

    Barry Hammick – 15th March 2016 ‘That was a great read. Look forward to updates. Well done.’

    Anna Loots – 15th March 2016 – ‘Jo Bobo, oh my god how i love this!! Its so brilliant to read! Especially having known Adam Logan since uni. Please keep on posting your updates on facebook!! Looove it!! Xx’


  3. Hi Jo, you are a very entertaining writer and it is nice to see a very humorous yet tolerant view to bushcrafting. I’m very new to bushcrafting, so new I haven’t actually done any yet lol, and virtually everyone I know doesn’t understand my interests in it or the whole back to basics concept(s). Even things such as me going canoe camping a few think I’m barmy. Tell Ad, from another Ad lol, the bow wall is cool 🙂

    Thanks for writing,



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